Thursday, 8 April 2010

shanty town

shanty town are a four piece band from the city of salford, they are a band that is all about being fast, furious and loud and are very like their fellow manc band twisted wheel, what i mean by this is that they are slightly indie, punky and rocky all at once, and can certainly pull it off very well. this year the band has been moving up in the ranks - they have started to play acadamies across the country and now, and quite rightly i must add, they are gaining bigger fanbase. shanty town are all about having a laugh, playing gigs and i get the impression they don't care about making it big, this doesn't at all take away the fact they have been labeled, i think very rightly, 'one of the best unsigned bands to emerge from manchester'. i think this band is for the followers of bands such as twisted wheel and the enemy, indie/punk/rock.

detroit social club

detroit social club have just released a new ep 'kiss the sun'. if you don't know who they are, i urge you greatly to get onto their website and have a listen now. the six lads from newcastle have supported many, very well known bands on tours all over the world, not to name drop but bands such as razorlight, the futureheads, oasis and the courteeners do come to mind. i have seen them a few times now, and they have been brilliant each time, playing what easily could become the next big anthem of 2010, songs such as 'sunshine people and kiss the sun' are songs that deserve to be played infront of thousands. live they are very powerful, some would even say they rely too much on the drummer to give them an extra boost, but it still sounds very good and well put together. overall detroit social club are one to watch out for, a uk tour is coming up along with festivals in amsterdam, japan and the isle of wight, this is a band for fans of oasis and kasabian, indie/rock.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the joy formidable

if you haven't listened to this troublesome trio from north wales, you are missing out greatly on what some people have labeled 'the band to watch in 2010' and they wouldn't at all be wrong. recently the formidables have toured with renound bands such passion pit and editors and they have gone down a storm, with some people even saying they were better than the headlining acts. so far in their short but sucessful career,the joy formidable have released one studio album and one live album, but more recently have released their 6th single 'popinjay' on a very vibrant and limited red 7". if this is a taster of what is to be expected from their yet 'un-named' album then 2010 could be a great year for the joy formidable, wether it will be or not - we will see. meanwhile give them a listen here.